Supporting the healthy future of people
around the world with biotechnology


About KM Biologics

KM Biologics is the only Japanese biologics company to supply a wide range of human and veterinary vaccines, plus blood plasma products.

Preventing infections and improving public healthHuman vaccines

Vaccines for human use manufactured
using viruses, microorganisms, and
recombinant technologies.

Treating congenital disorders and life-threatening diseasesBlood plasma products

Medicinal products made from human blood plasma.

Contributing to livestock
health and food security
Veterinary vaccines

Vaccines for livestock such as chickens,
pigs, and cows.

Vaccines for household pets including
dogs and cats.

Enabling early
detection and
treatment of diseases
Mass screening tests for newborns

Screening tests for newborn babies to detect congenital metabolic disorders etc.

Origin of the company name

KM Biologics is an abbreviation of "Kumamoto" and "The Meiji Group", while "Biologics" represents our expertise.

Company logo

Our company logo incorporates the infinity symbol (∞) into the letter "b" to represent the infinite potential biotechnology can offer. The logo symbolizes our goal of pursuing expertise through the exchange of ideas, technologies, and information.

The soft rounded font and lower-case letters represent our intention to be friendly and welcoming as a member of the Meiji Group.

Blue is the color of transparency and freshness, which perfectly fits with our ethos of openness, providing world class safety and security, and becoming a trusted name.

Progression through innovation

Over the decades, KM Biologics and our predecessors have pioneered innovative technologies for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in Japan and worldwide.

Begun production of a smallpox vaccine
Venilon—the first intact intravenous immunoglobulin made in Japan
Bimmugen—the first recombinant hepatitis B vaccine made in Japan
BOLHEAL— the first human fibrin sealant made in Japan
SUIMMUGEN ART2the world’s first swine vaccine containing Bb-DNT toxoid
OILVAX 7— the first 7-combination vaccine for poultry made in Japan
Anact Cthe world’s first treatment for congenital protein C deficiency
Byclot— the first hemostatic inhibitor for hemophilia made in Japan

What we do

As a leading biotechnology company, we can exclusively cater to needs that require our expertise and service.

Manufacturing vaccines that combat new influenza viruses

As a recipient of a grant from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW)’s Influenza Vaccine Production Process Development Project, we will establish production capacity to accommodate the vaccination needs of 57 million people, almost half the population of Japan, in preparation for an influenza pandemic.

Single-supply products*

We have a number of single-supply products including habu anti-venom, a hepatitis A vaccine, anthrax vaccines for animals, and a range of diagnostic agents.

* Single-supply products: Products only manufactured by one pharmaceutical company in Japan. No alternative products are available in Japan.

Developing and supplying orphan drugs*

We have seven orphan drugs approved by the MHLW (as of July 2, 2018).

* Orphan drugs: Drugs specified by the MHLW for the treatment of diseases with less than 50,000 patients in Japan that require a high level of medical care.

Our challenge

We are committed to developing new drugs to combat global infections. We will build long-lasting and diverse partnerships with both international and domestic companies. We will also exchange technologies, personnel, and information to further our goal of making the world a healthier place.

Unlocking the unlimited possibilities of biotechnology to
create a healthy future for people all around the world.


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