For the healthy future of people around the world

As a pioneering biologics company, we are looking for partners who can help unlock the unlimited possibilities of biotechnology.

How we can build long-lasting partnerships

Innovative partners

We are keen on partnerships that can create synergy with our cutting-edge research and development of new vaccines, recombinant protein products, gene and cell therapy, and regenerative medicine, while expanding our reach globally. In addition, we desire partnerships that create new value by combining our expertise in different fields such as AI and food.

We welcome :

  • Public R&D institutes
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Bio ventures
  • University research laboratories

Business partners

We are always looking for medium- to long-term business partners. And we will consider every proposal presented to us.

Our partnership will involve:

  • Product licensing (in/out)
  • Intermediate and bulk licensing (in/out)
  • Technology licensing (in/out)
  • Raw materials supply (in)

We welcome :

  • Pharmaceutical/veterinary product manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical/veterinary product marketing companies
  • Pharmaceutical/veterinary product trading companies
  • Suppliers of raw materials

Other partners

Get in touch with us if you are interested in our products and technologies.

We welcome :

  • Government institutions/public institutions
  • Research institutes
  • Government procurement departments/infectious disease control departments

One email to us can open up a world of possibilities