President’s Message

Toshiaki NagasatoToshiaki Nagasato
Renowned technology, quality control and production management systems, backed by a dependable governance structure.
Toshiaki Nagasato President and Representative Director
KM Biologics Co., Ltd.

In July 2018, KM Biologics Co., Ltd. succeeded Kaketsuken’s main businesses and joined the Meiji Group, an organization that has made huge contributions to the food and health industries for over 100 years. We aim to become a trusted member of this illustrious group by establishing a strong governance structure and regulatory compliance system, as well as ensuring strict quality control and production management systems are in place.

We want to explore the wealth of opportunities biotechnology can offer the world. To do so, we will use our strength in research, development, and manufacturing technology to produce quality human and veterinary vaccines, and blood-plasma products. KM Biologics Co., Ltd. will make great strides to become a leader in biotechnology through productive synergy with Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. By combining the strong base of KM Biologics Co., Ltd.’s technical expertise and Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.’s strict production management system and knowledge as a leading manufacturer of treatments for infectious diseases, we are well placed to achieve our goal.

The importance of preventing infectious diseases increases worldwide every year, and we are confident we can contribute to public health by ensuring the stable supply of vaccines and blood-plasma products. With our understanding of what biotechnology can achieve, and by carefully considering our customers’ health needs, KM Biologics Co., Ltd. aims to create a healthy future for people all around the world.